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Carter Hammett
Managing Editor

Carter's first Atlantic trip was at the age of two. He's been back to the Maritimes at least 15 imes since then and still can't get enough, even living there vicariously while completing a degree at Cape Breton University.

As a journalist his first published story was on pet poop bylaws in Ottawa. He likes to think he's gone far since then, branching out and writing stories on everything from learning disabilities and business trends, to profiling such luminaries such as Henry "The Fonz" Winkler and former Alberta premier Ralph Klein.

Carter's contributed dozens of articles to national, regional,local and trade publications, including The Toronto Sun, Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, Smart Connections, Canadian Trees, Beautiful Communities, Abilities, Dogs in Canada, Family Camping, North of 60 Mining Review, Montana Home Builders Association, Piling Industry Canada and The Red Deer, Peace River and Medicine Hat construction associations. He currently edits two other magazines: Communique, for The Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario and Convenience and Carwash Canada.

He's also the author/co-author of three books, including Community Connections (2001), Benchmarking: A Guide to Hiring and Managing Persons with Learning Disabilities (2005) and Conscious Competence: A Guide to Mentoring Persons with Learning Disabilities (2006).

Carter holds a Bachelor of Community Studies degree, a diploma in journalism and a certificate in Adult Education. Follow him on Twitter: iedit

When he's not dotting i's and crossing t's, Carter can be found roaming The Bruce Trail or rummaging through bookstores in search of Batman graphic novels. He enjoys volunteering with the Workers Education Association of Canada, which organizes university-level courses in the humanities within community-based settings. He currently lives in Toronto.

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