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Auto & Trucking Atlantic is an essential part of your East Coast sales program.


Auto & Trucking Atlantic magazine is the East Coast’s most respected and popular automotive industries publication.

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We can guarantee that your message will be seen by more of the key people in the automotive service, jobber, dealer, trucking and petroleum industries in our region. Your marketing will be sharing pages with coverage of the news and events our readers are most interested in.

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has proven its success in assisting national and international interests in getting profitable exposure in Atlantic Canada. Review the magazines for yourself. You’ll see why more and more companies are discovering the value of marketing their products and services within our pages. With so much in your favour, it simply makes sense to advertise in Auto Atlantic!

"Auto & Trucking Atlantic is a cover-to-cover must read for all involved in the automotive and trucking industries."
Kelly Thompson, Products and Promotions Manager - Uni-Select Network

Our Editorial serves all the segments of your target audience in Atlantic Canada - from installers to jobbers, garages, retailers, auto recyclers, car and truck dealers, etc. Our contributing writers are experienced and very well respected in their field. Auto Atlantic publishes a wide variety of subjects that cover popular interests from local, regional, national and international stages. Our main focus has always been to inform, and assist, the business owner, manager or mechanic - all decision makers.

Call us in Halifax: 1-866-423-3939Our advertisers get results!
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NOTE: All rates are in Canadian dollars, and include full colour.

We’ve made reaching your Atlantic Canada target audience more affordable than ever!
8600+, bimonthly*
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Minimal charge, quoted
All prices are Net
Line Screen:
133 or 150 line
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*Includes all installers, garages, bodyshops, service stations, truck and auto repair, parts and leasing, car and truck dealers, new and used, parts stores, recyclers, fleet operators, Issues are also sent to head offices of major automotive companies outside Atlantic Canada.

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Advertising Specifications and Rates

Here are the specifications and rates for advertising material in Auto Atlantic magazine.
Colour: CMYK (full colour)
DPI: 300
Bleed: Add 1/8 inch all around to above size

How to Submit your Ad

Ads can be Emailed to:, or sent via FTP.

To request our FTP information, please send us an email and we will respond immediately.

Your page sizes

Quarter page square and half-page horizontal ad sizes
One-third and two-thirds vertical ad sizes
One-third and one-half vertical ad sizes
One-half square and one-sixth vertical ad sizes
One-third square and one-quarter vertical ad sizes

Ad Size



Full page (trim size) * 8.25" 10.75"
Two thirds page 4.75" 9.50"
Half page vertical 4.75" 7.5"
Half page horizontal 7.25" 4.75"
Third page vertical 2.25" 9.5"
Third page square 4.75" 4.75"
Quarter page 3.5" 4.75"
Sixth page 2.25" 4.75"

Note: all sizes are in inches.
*Please make sure to add a quarter inch for bleed.


Your six 2019 editions (we are bi-monthly)


Artwork deadline

January 2019 Mid-November, 2018
March 2019 Mid-January, 2019
May 2019 Mid-March, 2019
July 2019 Mid-May, 2019
September 2019 Mid-July, 2019
November 2019 Mid-September, 2019

Your Auto & Trucking Atlantic ad rates


Rate per issue

Sixth page $330.00
Quarter page $440.00
Third page $550.00
Half page $660.00
Two-Thirds page $875.00
Full page $1200.00

Note: Rates are in Canadian dollars.

Auto Atlantic, the East Coast Automotive Industry magazine, is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada